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Learning from International Networks about Errors and Understanding Safety in Primary Care (LINNEAUS Euro-PC)

The LINNEAUS Euro-PC collaboration is a co-ordination action funded by the European Union Framework 7 programme. The main focus of the co-ordination action is to build a network of researchers and practitioners working on patient safety in primary care the European Union.

Through building a network of researchers into a pan European network, this co-ordination action will extend the current knowledge and experience from countries where the importance of patient safety is nationally recognised, to countries where it is less developed, ensure that there is an appropriate focus on primary care and encourage co-operation and collaboration for future interventions through large scale trials. The project is organised into Work Packages, with different Partners leading on these.

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Frankfurt Conference Presentations

A Series of Presentations on the importance of Safety in Primary Care, Safety Culture, Diagnostic Error and the Epidemiology and Prevention of Medication Error.

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LINNEAUS EURO-PC is a project funded by the European Union Framework 7 programme (2008-12) within theme 1: Co-operation and Health.